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What happens to all the notes that are taken inside the brainstorming room? Are they saved for me as the host?2021-01-15T14:53:20-06:00

Crainstorm BETA does not currently save information from the brainstorm sessions. Be sure to copy your notes when you’re done your brainstorm or grab a screen-grab of the whiteboard. Don’t worry, export functionality is coming soon!

What should I do to prepare for a brainstorm? (As host and contributor)2021-01-15T11:51:28-06:00

As a host, have a clear objective and make an agenda for your brainstorm so you make the most of your time with contributors. If this is your first time facilitating a brainstorm, check out our blog post for tips on hosting brainstorms.

As a contributor, make sure to review all the material provided and do some thinking in advance. Brush your hair, get settled in a spot that’s free from distractions and make sure you have a good internet and audio connection. Check out our Brainstorming 101 guide for more advice.

What if I want to host a brainstorm for longer than one hour?2021-02-20T03:27:07-06:00